Greetings, I am Rhonda “Mousie” Gallman, and I would like to be your Knox County Mayor.
Why? I’m glad you asked.

For starters, I was born 1967 at The University of Tennessee Hospital in Knoxville, Tennessee.
I AM HOME GROWN! I am the daughter of Joe Gallman (Knox County School bus driver and retiree from Martin Marietta) and Jacquelyn Gallman (a retired teacher of Knox County Schools). I am the oldest of two from their union.

I am the proud single mother of 2 boys. I am a Cosmetologist, MUA (make-up artist), senior care provider and desairologist (groomer of the deceased) with a burning desire to help all people.

I have lived and currently reside in East Knoxville and lived my teen years in Northwest Knoxville. I am a 1985 Fulton High School Graduate. I attended Knoxville College, Tennessee Technology Center and Tennessee State University (Nashville). I believe in Knoxville and Knox County. I know for a fact we can be a great example for the world to follow.

Here are few things that need improvement, and one in particular is being diverse. People need to see more culture in leadership. I am debt free. I am a budget baby. I am always looking for ways to stretch and save a buck.

As your Mayor, you will be tagging along side me to meetings and meet-and-greets. I will have a personal videographer, if not myself, to aid in visuals to keep you updated and never to doubt my commitment to serve Knox County. I will be your mayor on the MOVE! I’m Reachable, Relatable and Responsible. I need your vote so help me Help US.

Rhonda “Mousie”Gallman


What do you believe is the Knox County mayor’s role in education? Do you believe schools are in need of additional funding? Are there any educational priorities you think our school system should be focused on?

The first answer to all of the three parts of the question is – I cannot retrieve the specific job duties and responsibilities from the Knox County website. I have scheduled a meeting with Mayor Burchett to learn more details.

My personal belief would be to act as an overseer to assure that funds are properly allocated. The second part of this question is yes, schools are always in need of additional funding to stay competitive with the growth of technology and ever-changing world. All school personnel are overdue an increase in pay for their continuous hard work and dedication.

What is the biggest challenge facing Knox County businesses today? How do you plan to address this issue if elected?

Tax breaks for small businesses, for example “mom and pop” businesses that struggle to compete with large businesses. There is great demand for businesses in Knox County to bring productivity and hope to the underserved and underpaid citizens.

I have currently been engaging with Levi’s, Amazon and VW to expand here in Knox. We have the space and need. I also mention that we are surrounded by nine states and three alternate states adjacent to those nine. We also have plenty of rivers that lead to the ocean. Why not Knox County? We have the people wiling, ready and able to be productive in the world.

What do you see as the biggest infrastructure needs in our county? How would you address these as mayor? 

I personally can not see very well at night in the county. I have learned that this is one of the inner beauties quite a few countians treasure…their privacy. I could not agree more. There is nothing like peace and quiet.

I would make it an priority to meet the needs of the vast majority and also find a medium where everyone can walk away from the table with some of the needs and requests met. Before any major decisions are made it is very important to listen and hear them out.

One piece to bring to the table is participatory budgeting. I find it very import to teach our youth and young more about government and how it works and about the “potholes” in the street and life.

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