Linda is a wife, mother, a former beautician, realtor, swimming pool service person, a small business owner selling eyewear to motorcyclists, a retired member of Laborers Local # 818, and a caregiver for seniors. She was born in Kankakee, IL, lived in Miami, FL, and moved to Knox County in 1993.


What do you believe is the Knox County mayor’s role in education? Do you believe schools are in need of additional funding? Are there any educational priorities you think our school system should be focused on?

The Knox County Mayor’s role in education is to work with and support the School Board to give the best education we can to the children of Knox County. I believe that to progress, additional funding will always be needed. I would like to see the Community School​ Model expanded.

What is the biggest challenge facing Knox County businesses today? How do you plan to address this issue if elected?

I would say, customers and workers. What I mean by this is that we need to have good paying jobs to attract good workers. With good workers that have a living wage, the businesses can sell their products and grow. To address this we need to make sure we have an educated workforce that will be an​ incentive to businesses, and we need businesses that will pay living wages.

What do you see as the biggest infrastructure needs in our county? How would you address these as mayor? 

The county roads and bridges need more attention and maintenance. We also need to be responsible for development, as to not overtax our current infrastructure. To address this we will have to find the funds in the budget or consider a possible rise in taxes.

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