The Knoxville Chamber’s Propel mentor/protégé program pairs an established community business leader with a protégé who is relatively new to business.

Firm: Hasty Waste

Owner: Ed Schmitt


Phone: (865) 408-8037

What is your professional background?

Like most kids, I wanted to follow in my father’s footsteps. I have been able to do that to a large extent. This journey led me to earn degrees in both engineering and business while working in the recycling industry for over 20 years. This has provided me the opportunity to work with exceptionally innovative entrepreneurs in small businesses focused on household and electronics recycling.

Over this time, the packaging and recycling industries have gone through many changes that allow people to easily recycle much what a household discards. As a result, recycling services for multi-family communities have become an area of opportunity, and industry surveys indicate the most requested amenity for these communities is doorstep trash service. These factors led to the development of Hasty Waste as a Knoxville- based company serving multi-family communities with exceptional doorstep trash and recycling service and more.

What does your firm offer its clients?

Hasty Waste’s core service is doorstep trash and recycling collection which offers residents convenience, cleanliness and efficiency. Residents no longer have to carry trash across the community in the freezing cold or put it in their car to get rid of it. Additionally, while our porters are onsite providing service, they collect litter, communicate to management any items noticed like a broken water line, service pet waste stations and clean up around the trash and recycling areas. As we serve the management and maintenance teams, they are able to remain focused on their resident’s needs, and this ultimately increases resident satisfaction.

What makes your firm unique?

Our focus on serving the community with excellence leads us to customize service plans that fit the needs of each community individually. We partner with the community manager to phase in service without negatively impacting their budget, and implementing service can start at any time. We also focus on clear and regular communication through observation and maintenance reports as needed and monthly service summary reports

Our friendly and courteous porters greet residents while we are in the community and carry dog treats to spread the love with our four-legged friends. We also have a partnership with BioPet allowing us to offer the proactive pet waste management PooPrints System.

Who are your perfect clients?

Our perfect clients are multi-family communities looking to enhance their resident retention rate, offer a new amenity to distinguish themselves in the market, offer residents a recycling solution or resolve a problem around the community waste area. We would love to speak with any community managers, maintenance professionals or residents about serving in their communities.