Second Composites Coalition Meeting Hosted by Nashville Manufacturer

The second quarterly meeting of the statewide Composites Coalition was held May 16 at JR Automation in Nashville, a company that has become a leading capital equipment designer, integrator and manufacturer throughout the world.

Composites industry partners and companies had the opportunity to tour the JR Automation facility, hear a presentation about advanced sensing in composite manufacturing applications and discuss apprenticeships available in Tennessee.

“The recent Composites Coalition meeting was extremely valuable for attendees and facilitators,” said Doug Lawyer, vice president of economic development for the Knoxville Chamber. “We had insightful discussions about workforce challenges faced across the composites supply chain as well as avenues through which the coalition and its partners might help ease some of the burden.”

He added, “We are also starting to see some success stories of companies doing business with each other as result of attending Composites Coalition meetings, and hosting the meeting in Nashville brought some newcomers to the coalition.”

The next quarterly meeting will take place Aug. 29.

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