There’s a “new normal” in place for ALL of us. As we re-open our doors it’s vital that we stay committed to being SAFE together…because safe together makes us BETTER together.

 Many of us have remained socially connected over the past several weeks. FaceTime calls, Zoom meetings and virtual behind-the-scenes tours at places like the Tennessee Theatre and Zoo Knoxville have provided both comfort and entertainment. So we like to think this “new normal” is more about physical distancing. As a marquee in Knoxville reads, “distance is just a test to see how far love can travel”. We know it travels far more than 6 feet, and eyes smile even behind a mask.

 As we welcome the faces we love back to the places we love, we encourage you to follow the guidelines in place so we can move forward safely… together. The City of Knoxville and Knox County have partnered with the Knoxville Chamber and Visit Knoxville to welcome employees and customers back to our restaurants, shops and businesses. The #KnoxTogether campaign is designed to educate the community on Knox County Health Department guidelines and offer reassurance that together we can safely move into our new normal:

 The information restaurants, shops and other businesses need to operate safely is being gathered on an ongoing basis by the Knoxville Chamber. Knowing that Knoxville businesses are doing their part to operate safely helps everyone make the most informed decisions about when and where to travel. That’s where Visit Knoxville comes in, providing access to the latest information on events as well as opportunities to experience Knoxville from home.

 To show your support in unifying our community around the #KnoxTogether message, social graphics are available HERE. Additionally, a Facebook profile photo frame has been created, which can be found by searching #KnoxTogether.

 Knoxville and Knox County are currently in Phase 1 of welcoming individuals back to work and back to experiencing the beauty of East Tennessee. We look forward to seeing you out and about… safely.