WEST KNOXVILLE, TN — Set to open in mid-2020, independent living community Prime West Knoxville is inviting seniors to sharpen their tech skills while getting to know the team at “Technology for Active Aging,” Prime’s first-ever Lunch & Learn event. Leading the event will be Jennifer Dancu, CEO of Social Media 4 Seniors, a Knoxville-based company with a mission to help seniors create and maintain online connections with family and friends. The lunch takes place on November 21, 2019, from 11 am -1 pm, at Staybridge Suites Knoxville West (11319 Campbell Lakes Dr, Knoxville, TN. 3794). Catering is being provided by Brown Bag, a local salad and sandwich catering business.

“I love helping older adults explore the potential of social media,” says Dancu, who previously worked as a school and college teacher. “But it’s wrong to assume that just because someone owns or wears a device, they know how to use it. What if the font is so small you can’t read the instructions on how to increase it? What if background apps are slowing down your device so much you can’t access the settings? So before exploring the world of social media at this event, we’ll be talking about some of the most common frustrations seniors have with their smartphones, tablets, and laptops. It will be fun, hands-on and, we hope, inspiring.”

Seniors are invited to bring their own Apple or Android devices to the lunch, as well as wearable tech like Fitbits® and Apple® Watches. They’ll be able to immediately put into practice new tips and tricks, such as using voice-to-text to send an email or asking Siri to phone a friend.

Social networking apps like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter will be covered in detail, from administrative tasks like resetting a password to richer social experiences such as reconnecting with old friends or posting a favorite recipe. Attendees will also learn about software designed with older adults in mind, like Fall Detection on the Apple Watch and apps like Instant Heart Rate and Pill Reminder.

“We’re excited about this event because it’s within the spirit of Prime West Knoxville,” says Debra Maynard, President of Operations at Prime. “Our community will offer seniors the chance to be more independent. We’ll take care of upkeep, maintenance and monthly bills, leaving residents more time for fun with friends and family. Social media is a powerful tool for facilitating that.”

Research suggests events like this one will become increasingly common and important. According to a recent survey by the Pew Research Center, smartphone ownership among those aged 65 and over has risen by around 25% since 2013. Roughly one in every two seniors with a cell phone is using a smartphone.

Jennifer Dancu, however, is keen to stress that ownership shouldn’t be confused with proficiency. “Seniors are often embarrassed to ask for help, or don’t realize that classes are available,” she says. “Grown-up children can be impatient with their parents, while grandkids often find it more exciting to show off their own tech skills rather than to pass them on. The seniors I teach really appreciate someone taking the time to show them how to use their devices.” 

If you’d like to attend this inaugural Lunch & Learn, call 865-219-2910 or please fill out the form on this online R.S.V.P page.

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Opening in mid-2020, Prime West Knoxville is an independent living community for seniors, offering stylish apartments and first-rate amenities at a budget-friendly price.  

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