Windsor, CT – June 3, 2019 – Scapa Healthcare, the trusted strategic partner of choice to the world’s leading companies in advanced wound care, medical device and consumer wellness markets, inaugurates its new built-for-purpose medical device manufacturing facility in Knox County, Tennessee today. The 152,000-square-foot facility doubles Scapa Healthcare’s Knoxville footprint into a single site of operations, allowing for greater operational efficiency through proximity and scale. The new facility has already created employment opportunities in the region and is anticipated to add 100 new jobs in Knox Country over the next five years.

“Manufacturing is one of the largest industries in this region in terms of employment and has benefitted from incredible growth over the past five years,” said Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs. “Scapa Healthcare is projecting a 20 percent increase in employment opportunities in Knox County. The growth of this organization, and so many like it, mean it is vitally important that we continue working to provide multiple career and post-secondary pathways to students graduating from our schools.”

The new facility was strategically designed for efficient workflow and materials movement across the cleanroom, printing, packaging and warehouse departments. The layout creates ample development space to accommodate increasing demand for medical device manufacturing.

 “The new manufacturing facility is our Turn-Key Center of Excellence for North America. We have heavily invested in new capabilities to continue providing customers with innovative solutions,” said Joe Doherty, President Scapa Healthcare. “We are committed to the Knox County community as we look forward to strengthening our partnerships with global customers.”

“The investment Scapa Healthcare made in Knox County through their new facility is a testament to the tremendous economic development partnerships we enjoy across our region,” said Rhonda Rice Clayton, COO of the Knoxville Chamber. “Without the cooperation and collaboration of our Innovation Valley partners and investors, we could not support existing operations, like Scapa Healthcare, in ways that enable significant corporate growth and meaningful community impact.”

“TVA and Lenoir City Utilities Board congratulate Scapa North America on its decision to locate and create new job opportunities in Knoxville,” said TVA Senior Vice President of Economic Development John Bradley. “Helping to foster economic growth is fundamental to TVA’s mission of service and we are proud to partner with the Development Corporation of Knox County and the Knoxville Chamber to further that mission.”

About Scapa Healthcare

Scapa Healthcare is the trusted strategic partner of choice for the world’s leading companies in advanced wound care, consumer wellness and medical device fixation. Our strategy is to partner with market leaders to develop and manufacture innovative skin friendly medical device fixation and topical solutions. Through pursuing these partnerships, Scapa now provides integrated services to the top global medtech companies. Our state-of-the-art facilities enable Scapa Healthcare to offer customers the whole spectrum of production services from inception through to market delivery. For more information visit: