Delnise Moore, Always Moore Janitorial | 865-272-9422 | Years in Business: 11 | Date entered into Propel: 2009 Revenue Growth since Propel: $645k annually (from $5k) 

Describe your business and its core products

“We provide full maintenance and cleaning services. This includes painting, lighting, lawn care and plumbing for our client’s facilities. We provide these services for our commercial clients, as well as one-time services for those who have one-time needs. We also have a residential department that is focused on seniors who can no longer handle the cleaning of their homes, but still reside there.”

What is the value that separates you from you from your competition? 

“We are simply dependable, honest, and our employees exude the highest level of work ethics. Our first client is now 92 years old, and we still have her business to this day. That, to me, says a lot. She also led us to our first 24 clients, many of which are still with us. 

One of our other key value propositions is that we do not see the janitorial business as a demeaning one. We take pride in our ability to clean and our staff is the most highly trained in the region. I hold them to a high standard and they hold themselves that same way. I am a chemist by profession so we started the company with the ideals of scientist. Our goal is to customize the client experience and we only use the best products suited for the highest needs of our clients. We are not just “cleaners”. We follow our name Always Moore and we always do more for the clients than is expected every time we interact with our customers’ home or business.” 

Delnise Moore, Always Moore Janitorial

Describe your ideal customer

“From a residential perspective, we focus on seniors who are living in their home and need our assistance. We have seniors who need help with a 200 square foot room all the way to a 6,000 square foot home. 

Commercially we love one story buildings, office complexes, churches, banks, and of course… sorority and fraternity houses. We also have gained quite a few medical and dental offices, as they like our level of attention to detail. Those are our favorites.”

What is your vision for your company 5 to 10 years from now? 

“My goal is to look back during my retirement and see that I left a legacy that can continue.”

Do you have someone from Black History that you use as motivation for your business? 

“My mom is by Black HERstory hero.” 

Why is it important for everyone to support Black businesses? 

“One of the only ways to help our community and grow wealth is to support Black-owned firms. If you do not like what you see on television, supporting Black business is a way to help.”

About the Propel Mentor/Protégé Program:

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