Mel Evans, InsureFit RM | 865-684-4900 | Years in Business: 6 | Date entered into Propel: 2013 Revenue Growth since Propel: $3.3MM in sales

Describe your business and its core products

“We are an insurance and risk management firm. We work very closely with homebuilders and mortgage companies to help them find the best coverage for their individual customers. 

Commercially, we are focused on microbreweries, distilleries, churches, and non-profits. We believe we are primed to make on impact on the insurance needs of small manufacturers and home health and compassionate care providers with our coverage options.”

What is the value that separates you from you from your competition? 

“Specialization is our key. We tailor and customize solutions to everyone. We are not generalists! We want to focus on certain industries and be experts in their insurance needs. Our staff have adopted this approach as each of our team members are specialist in their own areas. Any agent can write an insurance policy for you. We don’t force coverages on people… we give our clients an extreme amount of education so that they truly understand their policies. A good agent doesn’t just worry about price – we already know that we have competitive pricing. Our objective is to give them the education and customer service to match.”

Mel Evans, InsureFit RM

Describe your ideal customer 

“We have really grown to love microbreweries, churches, and small manufacturers. We also really like homes at $250,000 and above as our pricing is one of the leaders in competitiveness in the market.”

What is your vision for your company 5 to 10 years from now? 

“I aspire to to be one of the largest insurance brokers in the State of Tennessee. Doug Minter, one of my mentors, had the largest Black-owned insurance firm in Tennessee for three years. I want to get to that goal, and exceed it. We are now one of the top ten in the state, alongside Erie Insurance, so we are well on our way.”

Do you have someone from Black History that you use as motivation for your business? 

“My Dad is my Black History hero. He came from a small town in west Tennessee, and was born from a family of share croppers. He was the first in our family to graduate college. I never saw my Dad miss a single day of work.”

Why is it important for everyone to support Black businesses? 

“My skill level and talent is why I want people to do business with me. If you care about Knoxville then you care about Black business, as we are a part of Knoxville. It’s just natural to me that we do so.”  

About the Propel Mentor/Protégé Program:

The Knoxville Chamber’s Propel Mentor/Protégé Program pairs small businesses owned by women, veterans, and minorities with an established, community business leader for one-on-one assistance tailored to their specific goals and challenges. For more information email or visit the website HERE.