InfoSystems has transformed along with the IT industry for more than 20 years, and now offers the most advanced managed Cloud platform in Tennessee and the surrounding regions.

InfoSystems offers a complete range of IT services to both enterprise and small and mid-sized businesses. Services include InfoSystems Managed Cloud with 24×7 network operation center, managed services for customer-owned equipment, IT infrastructure project services, on-demand IT support, virtual CIO executive-level consulting, and specialized enterprise partnerships.

InfoSystems helps customers plan and execute the most effective IT strategies based on all the considerations that are unique to their business.

Hybrid Cloud (IT infrastructure that is deployed partially on-site at a business and partially off-site at a data center or other facility) is now the most common IT strategy in use. The InfoSystems Cloud has enabled businesses to access high-quality IT systems without having to invest large amounts of cash on new hardware.

“Technology is still very much a ‘people’ business,” the company’s founder and owner, Clay Hales, said. “I’ve always believed that our best resource is a highly skilled and smart team of employees, and that has been my main focus over the years – hiring high-quality people, investing in training and certifications and building the right company culture.”

Clay Hales has also invested in technology and his business, acquiring a 50 percent stake in another company, APSU, Inc., which owns proprietary server management software and proven business processes that have been developed and perfected over 20+ years. The APSU acquisition has given InfoSystems instant access to the technology and expertise of one of the top Cloud and Managed Services platforms in the world.

The result of Hales’ hard work and visionary investments is that InfoSystems is now a regional IT leader that can offer world-class Cloud and expert consulting services across a wider range of technology platforms than competing Cloud companies – including both the Intel x86 architecture that powers Windows and other open systems, and also the IBM Power architecture that includes AS/400, IBM i, AIX, and Linux on Power.

The vast majority of Cloud providers can only offer services for Intel x86. IBM Power is regarded as a more efficient and higher-performing chipset for running ERP and other business-critical applications that are widely used in manufacturing, distribution, retail, e-commerce, logistics, financial and other industries.

InfoSystems is East Tennessee’s premier IBM Partner, and has been for more than 20 years, having earned major awards and certifications for work with IBM Power and IBM Storage solutions. Clay Hales is a member of the IBM Global Business Partner Advisory Council, which is made up of around 35 CEOs from top IBM Business Partners around the world.

“The InfoSystems goal is to do the right thing for the customer, every time,” said Hales. Clay and his son Brent Hales, VP of operations at InfoSystems, are members of a consortium of top IT companies from around the country that share knowledge and best practices to help each member offer superior service to their customers.