Gregg Crowe, Campus President of Virginia College – Knoxville

Gregg Crowe believes in the transformative power of education. Appointed to the position of campus president of Virginia College – Knoxville last November, Crowe has been working in higher education for over 10 years.

Virginia College is a vocational college in Fountain City with programs in healthcare, business and the trades. Virginia College provides career training to students in the form of certificate and associates programs. As campus president, Crowe provides oversight for all aspects of the student life cycle.

“Student experience is a passion of mine. In the classroom we serve students, outside the classroom we serve students as customers,” Crowe said. “Students come to Virginia College because they want high-quality instruction in academic programs that are focused and have strong career outcomes.”

Crowe’s background includes experience in service industries before transitioning to education. The service experience has informed his leadership style in education. Education is the ultimate people business because it is tasked with the honor and responsibility to prepare students for their profession. The importance of that work is heightened when a school prepares people to work in healthcare.

“Our graduates will absolutely have a positive impact on our community. They will provide care to our families and our neighbors. They are trained to work in industries that touch the lives of everyone,” Crowe said. “I’m proud to know that we are training people to work in such important industries. I’m also proud to know that the jobs they get because of their education will improve the lives of their families in process.”

According to Crowe, schools do not operate in a vacuum. Successful schools are a part of the fabric of the communities in which they operate. It’s important to understand the needs of the community and the employers, and then adapt to meet those needs while maintaining academic rigor.

As a leader, Crowe strives to create an environment of hard work, transparent communication and fun.

“I take my role as a leader very seriously,” Crowe said. “Good leaders do not seek additional privilege because of their titles, they adopt the mindset that they should work harder and set an example of service for others to follow. Students entrust their time and money with my team, so it’s important that we remain nimble enough to respond to their needs.”

Finally, Crowe emphasizes the importance of a healthy work/life balance with his employees.

“At the end of the day, we are a team,” he said. “If each of us works hard every day, we will serve our students, our community and our families well.”

The Virginia College is an institution of higher education dedicated to providing quality programs that integrate curriculum with professional skill development, empowering students to achieve their lifelong personal and professional goals.