Glenn Jacobs lives in Halls with his wife Crystal. He has had a long career in World Wrestling Entertainment, in addition to owning an insurance agency. Glenn is a graduate of Truman State University with a degree in English.


What do you believe is the Knox County mayor’s role in education? Do you believe schools are in need of additional funding? Are there any educational priorities you think our school system should be focused on?

We really need more emphasis on career and technical education (CTE). As mayor, I would work to bring the schools and private sector together to work on this issue. When it comes to funding, we are a “donor county” under that state’s Basic Education Plan (BEP). As mayor, I would fight to ensure that Knox County receives its fair share of our money to fund our schools.

What is the biggest challenge facing Knox County businesses today? How do you plan to address this issue if elected?

By far, the biggest issue the County faces is the drug epidemic. This is not an issue that government can solve alone. We must build coalitions among government, the private sector, churches, non-profits and foundations, and the community to address this horrible problem.

What do you see as the biggest infrastructure needs in our county? How would you address these as mayor? 

As we saw this winter, potholes are a major problem. Again, part of the solution is ensuring that the state provides adequate and equitable funding to keep our roads in good repair. With so little developable land left in the county, the Midway Business Park is vitally important for attracting industry and manufacturing to our County. By the same token, folks in that area are concerned about the implications for the development on their quality of life, especially on the ground water in that area. We have to make sure that those concerns are adequately addressed. Finally, I greatly worry that the drug epidemic is going to lead to overcrowding at the County’s detention facilities. There are many other places (schools, better roads, etc.) where I would rather invest capital than in a new pod at the detention center.

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