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Firm: Gateway Grocery Delivery

Owner: Jimmy Sengchanh and Patrick Bardsley


Phone: (865) 964-3843

What does your firm offer its clients?

Our company offers clients the option to have their groceries delivered directly to them wherever they are, from wherever they’d like. Our clients never have to stress out or put in the effort of going to the grocery store ever again. Not only do we deliver groceries, we have partnerships with local restaurants and are now able to deliver food to your home or place of business.

What makes your firm unique?

Client relationships are our number one priority, and our relationship with current clients is incredible. We build relationships with our clients to the point where they trust us enough to enter their homes and be around their families. Gateway Grocery Delivery has a partnership with The Second Harvest Food Bank of East Tennessee, so for every $100 dollars our clients spend on their own groceries, we provide three meals for families in need in East Tennessee. We believe with our company and the support of our communities, we can eradicate hunger in Knoxville.

Who are your perfect clients?

We have clients that range from college students with no vehicles, all the way to elderly clients who find it difficult to do the little things like grocery shopping.