The land inventory in Knox County is growing by 66 acres thanks to the addition of Karns Valley Business Park (KVBP). Slated for completion by first quarter 2019, the business park expands Knox County’s developable land bank, maintained and managed by The Development Corporation of Knox County (TDC).

“KVBP provides Knox County an additional three to four development-ready sites,” said Ray Christian, operations manager for TDC. “The park is surrounded by East Tennessee’s highest concentration of technology companies and skilled workforce, making it exceptionally attractive to prospective buyers.

“These type of readily-available sites are critical to attracting new companies and accommodating existing industry expansions, both of which create new jobs and capital investment for Knox County.”

KVBP is served by utilities located nearby or on business park property. Lenoir City Utilities Board maintains a large electric substation immediately adjacent to the site, while West Knox Utilities District (WKUD) provides water trunk lines around the perimeter. Plans for WKUD’s nearby sanitary sewer line connect the park to a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment plant currently under construction along Melton Hill Lake. The Knoxville Utilities Board provides natural gas to the area with an 8” gas main set to be extended into the business park, positioning KVBP to meet the utility needs of almost any business.

Extensive discussion surrounded plans for the park, including public meetings that allowed for community input into overall design and concept.

The resulting KVBP Development Plan provides amenities such as paved walking trails for use by business park employees and nearby residents. Adherence to the proposed business park development standards ensures high-quality building and site design, incorporating plentiful landscaping throughout the property.

The Metropolitan Planning Commission has scheduled the final hearing to approve the concept, plans and design guidelines on Dec. 14. Once approved, construction documents must be finalized to make way for bidding, permitting and building. For more information on the site visit,