The 2017-18 Propel Mentor/Protégé cohort completed its seven-week boot camp, one of the program’s two required training sessions on Sept. 1.

The first boot camp examined four key areas of operating a business: concept, operations, customer relations, and business processes.

Utilizing the GrowthWheel curriculum, participants determined critical areas of focus for their respective organizations and devised a 30-60-90-day growth plan. After plans are finalized, protégés are paired with a mentor who guides them through the application of concepts learned during boot camp and leverages their professional experience to advise on potential next steps.

“We are able to help our protégés grow through collaboration with our great partners, such as TSBDC, and through the support of guest mentors,” said Doug Minter, director of small business development for the Knoxville Chamber. “We are currently recruiting successful, leading organizations from our region who are willing to invest their time to assist these up-and-coming firms.”

If you are interested in becoming a Propel Mentor contact Doug Minter, For more information about the Mentor/Protégé program, visit



“Bottom line – Propel Bootcamp meets each one of us where we are and builds a roadmap for us to become a company through hard work and discipline.” – Hasty Waste
“I got wisdom, encouragement, resources, and direction. Wis-dom to help understand what I don’t know and where my blind spots are!” – SmartFit Fitness